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Dr. James Harris, a native of Jonesboro, Louisiana, was inaugurated as the 30th Mayor for the Town of Jonesboro on December 31, 2022.  Prior to becoming Mayor, Dr. Harris served as the first African American elected as Chief of Police in Jonesboro.  Mayor Harris has many accomplishments to include rebuilding the police department that was defunded in 2010, establishing a community policing program, re-establishing the city court system, updating departmental systems, and more. 

Mayor J. Spike Harris is the son of James and Brenda (Harris) Thompson.  He graduated from Jonesboro Hodge High School in 1987, and later achieved his Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Criminal Justice Administration, Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), and Doctorate in Management in Organizational Development (Leadership).

Mayor Harris experienced a dramatically short transition phase for setting the course and tone for his term.   Additionally, he faced a gamut of issues whose resolution could not be put off, including non-compliance.  Since taking office, Mayor Harris has expertly managed significant challenges facing the town; including recovering from Covid-era shutdowns, budget deficits, qualifying for funding grants and federal programs to repair roads, replacing aging water pipes and infrastructure, environmental disasters, public safety, economic development, and attracting new businesses.  He understands and accepts that in his capacity as mayor, he is a manager, problem-solver, coach, inspirational speaker, a people person, as well as a punching bag.  His priority is to ensure that the community continues to feel like a community, by managing municipal resources – financial, infrastructure, and personnel, and being responsive to enhance the quality of life for all residents.  Under his leadership, the Town of Jonesboro will operate with transparency, accountability and integrity with a united goal to get the town on track to move forward.

During his admdinistration, Mayor Harris will invest in the inherent dignity of every citizen in the Town of Jonesboro.  He believes that building a better community starts with each and every one.  He encourages all to lend a helping hand, spread kindness, and cultivate a sense of belonging. 

"Together, we can create a place where everyone feels safe, valued, and included.  Small acts of compassion and unity have the power to transform our community into a vibrant and thriving haven.  Let's make a difference today for a brighter tomorrow."